General civil mediation is one of the most efficient ways to settle a variety of different kinds of legal disputes.  Mediation provides a number of benefits for everyone involved in a situation.  It prevents a dispute from going to court, where both parties might walk away from the experience unhappy with the result.  Litigation is also more expensive and time consuming than general mediation.  In the end, even if the initial dispute is settled, people involved can feel betrayed, cheated, abused, and unhappy with the resolution.

Mediation places those most affected by a dispute in control of the outcome.  A skilled mediator works with disputing parties in a general civil mediation to determine what options are available.  Each of the options is discussed and disputing parties are encouraged to share their opinions and concerns about the various outcomes.  In the end, both parties agree on the resolution or no settlement is reached.  General civil mediation in Edgewood, Kentucky provides an efficient, affordable, respectful method for settling legal disagreements.

If you are involved in a legal dispute and you are looking for a better alternative to litigation, contact Joseph McGee.  Through mediation, he can help you and the other parties resolve your issues in a quick, civil yet cost-effective manner.  Call him today at 513-503-1125 or send him an email at to get started.